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About Stand By Your Van
Mythic-minded raiding guild that is currently in need of a few good members to complete our 20 man raid team! We have been established since the beginning of MoP, and have been growing stronger with better, more dedicated members ever since! 

Since the birth of SBYV, we have been dedicated to finding the BEST raiders we can.  Skill/intelligence is not everything, however.  These said raiders also need to be some cool, easy to get along with cats.  We like to keep a fun, light-hearted raid environment, when it comes to progression; it's focus up and kill the boss time with some joking inbetween pulls / breaks.

Raid Times

Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday : 7pm-10:30pm server(central) time.
Currently Recruiting
Death Knight Blood Death Knight1
Monk Brewmaster Monk1
Druid Guardian Druid1
Paladin Prot Paladin1
Warrior Prot Warrior1
Paladin Holy Paladin1
Monk MW Monk1
Druid Resto Druid1
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